Meteora Ranking System Proposal

:comet: RANKINGS :comet:

:small_blue_diamond: MetYoungling (Lv. 1-6):Entry level for newcomers.

:small_blue_diamond: MetPadawan (Lv. 7-13): Intermediate rank for consistent engagement.

:small_blue_diamond: MetKnight (Lv. 14-20): Advanced level for dedicated members.

:small_blue_diamond: MetMaster (Lv. 21-27): Elite rank for significant contributions.

:small_blue_diamond: MetCouncil (Lv. 28-34): Governance level for policy and decision-making.

:small_blue_diamond: MetGrandMaster (Lv. 35-41): Highest rank for distinguished leaders.

:comet: CRITERIA :comet:

:small_blue_diamond: Active engagement: Regular participation in Discord channels and events.

:small_blue_diamond: Contribution: Meaningful input in discussions and collaborative efforts.

:small_blue_diamond:Leadership: Demonstrated mentorship and support to fellow members.

:small_blue_diamond: Stimulus points: Utilize the actual points system from Stimulus Plan.

:small_blue_diamond:Stimulus points boost: Accelerate leveling up with point boosts.

:small_blue_diamond:DAO voting power boost: Enhanced voting influence in community decisions.

:comet: BENEFITS :comet:

:small_blue_diamond: Exclusive access: Advanced resources, events, and opportunities.

:small_blue_diamond: Recognition: Visibility and acknowledgment within the community.

:small_blue_diamond: Growth opportunities: Mentorship, networking, and personal development.

:small_blue_diamond:Enhanced privileges: Increased stimulus points and DAO voting power.

:comet: IMPLEMENTATION :comet:

:small_blue_diamond:Announcement: Introduce system on Discord using MEE6 rank with clear explanations.

:small_blue_diamond: Guidelines: Establish transparent criteria for level progression.

:small_blue_diamond: Moderation: Appoint moderators to oversee and assist with queries.

:small_blue_diamond:Review: Regularly evaluate and update the system based on feedback and community needs.

:comet:Feel free to suggest Rank names and any kind of feedback in order to we make this real.


This way more ranks/roles than what we need at the moment. At the moment, we only need 3 levels:

  • Recruit (Bootcamp student)
  • LP Army PFC (Bootcamp graduate)
  • Bootcamp Instructor

Arguably you can call Bootcamp Instructor some higher rank like Colonel, but I think a descriptive role is just fine too. At this point, weโ€™ve started to build a brand around the LP Army and people have become familiar with the term. Being that weโ€™re in a fee war as @ben likes to call it, I think the army references are very relevant and we should move forward with them.

In the future, if and when the need arises, we can add more ranks/roles.

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