LP Army Bootcamp v2.0

Our first two bootcamps were great! We had good participation, but with instructors being volunteer positions, it’s not sustainable to conduct bootcamps with instructors presenting the content, ad infinitum. We need something more sustainable that would allow us to provide long-form content/education indefinitely, with minimal ongoing instructional support. I propose we develop a Coursera course with auto-graders to graduate participants.

The content could be very much the same as what we presented in Bootocamp 1.0. At a high-level:

  • Overview of market making in TradFi
  • Overview of market making on blockchain
  • DLMM basics
  • DLMM strategies

To graduate, students would provide the opening and closing transaction for an LP position and they should net a profit in USD. The size of the position does not matter, and we would even recommend they invest below some threshold (maybe just $10 USD worth). The market they trade in would need to be a non-stable DLMM pair.

We would have an autograder that reads the initial transaction, and any and all transactions that follow for the position created by that transaction. The student can do anything and everything they want with the position after opening it, such as:

  • Add funds to the position
  • Remove funds from the position
  • Change the strategy/shape of the position
  • Claim fees from the position
  • etc.

The P&L calculation is made when the position is closed. The P&L will be based on:

  • USD value of the position at the time of the opening transaction
  • USD value of any additional funds put into the position, at the time they are added
  • USD value of any funds that were withdrawn from the position (be it removals or fees claimed), at the time of the final closing position
  • USD value any swaps made with withdrawn funds, at the time of the final closing position

Students can also optionally provide their Discord handles for a graduate role. Students will also be provided an NFT certificate of completion to the wallet used in the opening/closing transactions. They can choose to leave it in their wallet forever to cherish, or sell it if they wish.