How to enroll in LP bootcamp

How can I partake in LP bootcamp. Tried to for the first one but it was already full, and haven’t heard anything since. Thanks for your time


:comet: I’ve been using DLMM for a long time now and would like to graduate.

:question:How do I get the LP Army and Boot Camp Trainee roles?
:question:Can I be validated from X ?
:question:I can’t attend the zoom event :(, is there a link?

:pencil2: If the course could be made available by correspondence and in other languages, it would be great for those who want to train and be validated by the community without necessarily having to go through the classroom.

@GeekLad can probably help here.

You need to pass the test. @GeekLad can help!

@Creepingsavagely we’re still working on scheduling the next class. If you signed up via, we should have you on the mailing list to get notified when we have the next one.

As of right now, attendees need to attend via Zoom to be validated. We’re currently having discussions about opening it up to all X viewers. We will keep you posted on this.

:heart: Thank you for your answers
@GeekLad I found this,

:question:Is this enough to get promoted? Or do you also have to provide proof of funds contributed on Meteora?

:question:Who do I contact to have a role in the discord?