Increasing Active Moderators and Community Management in Meteora Discord


Address the rising demand for moderation in the Meteora Discord community by expanding the team of active moderators and implementing a system for managing proposals and community moderation.


  1. Recruitment: Invite interested members to apply for the moderator position.

  2. Criteria:Select candidates based on maturity, communication skills, and dedication to the community.

  3. Training: Provide comprehensive training on server rules, moderation tools, and conflict resolution.

  4. Trial Period: Assess new moderators’ performance during a trial period with guidance from experienced moderators.

  5. Evaluation: Continuously evaluate moderators’ effectiveness and gather feedback for improvement.

Additional Measures:

  1. Proposal Management:

Establish a process for submitting and reviewing proposals from community members. This can include a designated channel or form for proposal submissions.

  1. Moderation of Proposals:

Assign moderators to review and facilitate discussions on submitted proposals, ensuring they align with community guidelines and objectives.

  1. Transparent Decision-Making:

Communicate decisions on proposals openly with the community, providing reasons for acceptance or rejection.

  1. Community Moderation:

Encourage community members to report any issues or violations of community guidelines, empowering them to help maintain a positive environment.

Expected Results:

  • Improved moderation efficiency and community management
  • Transparent and inclusive decision-making process for proposals
  • Enhanced community engagement and satisfaction


Expanding the moderator team and implementing measures for proposal management and community moderation will contribute to a well-maintained and inclusive environment in the Meteora Discord community, meeting the needs of its growing membership.


I’m for this, well thought out and presented. Could be very useful to giving current mods a hand who cannot be online all the time


I think this is a much needed. I would throw my hat in the ring to help out. I believe Meteora will continue to grow and this will help facilitate the growth.


I made a support ticket suggesting this same thing today! I’m glad there are other community members thinking the same thing. If we expanding out the Mod team or added a few Community Mods, it could greatly reduce the amount of time that bad links are in our general chat. I would love to help out and be apart of the team :slight_smile:


Although I appreciate this aspect, there is a persistent issue that every major project with a Discord channel eventually encounters: security. Introducing multiple moderators presents significant risks. From an organizational perspective, having more moderators is beneficial as they contribute to the excitement and proper functionality of a server. However, as we have repeatedly seen, moderators can be the weak link that exposes the server to hacks and exploits.

Just something to consider… we cannot take this lightly.


This is much needed. Many times I see spam/scammers and I wish I could ban them myself. Count me in to join.


Being up to date in my reading of the various proposals, I’ve noticed that certain topics are repeatedly raised by different people, and I sometimes try to provide the same answer again or to direct as best I can (not allowed to attach even internal links to the discord as far as I’m concerned). This shows that we don’t yet have a sufficiently efficient information processing system, which would enable us to sort through the new, similar headings that are piling up.

In addition, it seems to me that considerations of moderator training in line with safety issues are a long-term and costly commitment. I don’t know how long it can take the development of such a training offer by meteora in order to be able to recruit more trustworthy people, given all the other development aspects linked to the protocol, and bearing in mind that a user-oriented educational project is currently underway.

An intermediate solution needs to be found: using AI to analyze the Discord proposals and Discord community-faq forums in order to group together the same themes could lead to the creation of a FAQ that is periodically updated on the main themes, avoiding scattering.
This inspiration comes directly from what is done on the Jupiter discord concerning questions that are passed on to the general forum. At the end of this analysis work, a document is updated on a weekly basis (which I then translate for the French forum) and pinned in the official lounge available at all times.
It’s a good point of reference for newcomers to consult. This way, moderators have a link to their source when they’re under pressure, and can’t deal with every solicitation on a case-by-case basis in the thread.


I would really love to be a part of this fam. And also help in maintaining a sane discord space.

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I like having a layered info analysis team, where tasks are broken down into sections without overburdening discord mod staff.

Increasing mod numbers is a palliative solution that brings safety-related problems. On the other hand, this solution reduces mods’ stress while allowing mod work to be focused on discord operations. I love it!

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