Short-Form Educational Content

In addition to providing long-form content like the Bootcamp, we need short-form content as well. We need to take a two-pronged approach with both forms. Most people don’t have the attention span or fortitude to go through an entire bootcamp. We need bite-size content people can consume in a matter of a few minutes. This type of content also has the potential to go viral and attract more potential LPs.

The content should be very similar to what @ben has already been producing, but should be professionally produced (no offense Ben :grinning:). The content needs to be educational, not clickbait. It should be posted to the Meteora YouTube channel. A few ground rules:

  • It should not be sensationalized (i.e. MAKE $1,000,000 IN JUST 5 MINUTES).
  • We should never say subscribe to the channel. This insults the intelligence of the audience. It is also a waste of time, that short attention spans do not have. If they like the content, they’re gonna fuckin’ subscribe or watch our other content, there’s no need to waste time telling them to subscribe.
  • There will be no sponsored ads within the content. The purpose of the content is to educate, not to generate ad revenue or promote bullshit products. Again, short attention spans. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • We should also post content with bad decisions / bad plays / losses. It is just as important to demonstrate to learners when things go wrong, so that they can see the LP game is not all peaches and cream. Learners need to see how things can go wrong, and learn ways to mitigate risk.

I think the last point is a very important one. All the clickbait short-form content in existence always shows the great wins, but they never show the huge losses and bad plays they make, because it doesn’t sell ads. The purpose for our content is to educate potential liquidity providers to attract them to the platform and keep them there.


Great idea :fire:

Youtube/Shorts is the way IMO.

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A video under 10 minutes would be great.