What new people should know please

pls help me with a guide so that i will be carried along with others thanks .


Check out these videos:

The community FAQ in the discord is also a great resource.


thank you so much that explication let me want to jump to more LP


if you don’t rush! and carefully study the interface, then there will be no difficulties, just take your time and carefully study the document, how liquidity works, everything in the video is explained very well, and for those who are not even familiar with English, just use the auto-translated subtitles.
And don’t risk too much of your capital!


very useful

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Hello,i have a question i am providing LP in dynamic Pools and DLMM since 4 days ,am i eligible for the future airdrop and if so where can i see my points?

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Points tracking is live. We don’t have a UI up yet. We’ll make an announcement when its coming.

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Yeah. Am getting a little understanding about the system and its reward structure. But i need better understanding. I think am going to watch the youtube videos

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if you have questions, let us know. Also our community on discord is super helpful.

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Not having a revealed points system, will prevent many from even trying to game the system. I would say, if an announcement sometime is made and points or something go live, probably keep some aspect vaque… How tokens would be distributed or claimed should be clear though.

Hi, I’m a new LP
I recently started using Meteora
But I’m a bit confused
I use the Phantom wallet platform, I deposited JUP-SOL on a liquidity pool, created by Meterora, and I received a Meteora LP token (I suppose)
Does this means I’m in the Meteora reward program?
I’ve been watching your videos, but I just wanted to make sure :slight_smile:


Probably yes. We will know no later than end of Q1 of 2024.

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I appreciate your help, Jandor

Your Meteora LP token is used to withdraw your assets from Meteora Dynamic Pools, so don’t burn or give them away.

If you’re LPing in Meteora dynamic or DLMM pools, you are earning points.


That’s really helpful!
Thank you Ben!

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The videos are not audible enough. Although the guy was thorough but have to strain my ear to hear what he was saying

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can i make new DLMM pool with new slp token ?

Yes open a ticket in the discord.

nice, thanks bro! :100: :100: :100: :100:


Hi there,

When you establish a position in DMM, a temporary charge of 0.06 SOL is levied as a deposit for the position. However, upon withdrawing your liquidity, it appears that this 0.06 SOL deposit is not being returned. Could you please provide some guidance on this matter?

Kind regards,


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