Feature Suggestion: ZAP in and out of DLMM pools


When creating DLMM pools, it would be helpful to be able to Zap in from a single token, such as either USDC or SOL, to the two tokens required in the pool in one transaction.

Key Features:

Zap-in Zap-out:
This functionality would work both for entering a DLMM as well as exiting from it.

Example Scenario:

Starting with $1000 USDC in your wallet and wanting to create a position in JUP/SOL, you would set the parameters for the pool as you normally would. Specify the amount of USDC you want to apply to the pool, then select “Add Liquidity”. The platform would then execute the necessary trades and create the DLMM.

The same process applies to exiting. When clicking “Withdraw”, there would either be a checkbox or a dropdown menu that gives the option to exit and convert to USDC or SOL. If no selection is made, the user would receive the split of tokens in the pool as they normally do today.


Implementing the Zap-in Zap-out features would streamline the process for LPs to establish positions, potentially attracting new users to the platform and thereby improving liquidity for all.


I really like this idea. The swaps would need to transact through Jupiter, to ensure the least price impact. I would also like to see a zap claim feature, to swap all fees to whatever token you want.