Automated Token Price Tracking for DLMM Positions

Propose the development of an automated feature that records the price of the two tokens and the amounts at both the initiation and closure of a DLMM position.

This functionality would facilitate precise profit and loss calculations, offering a more streamlined and efficient alternative to manual tracking via spreadsheets.

This feature would enhance user experience by simplifying the financial analysis process and improving the accuracy of data management in the platform.


This is awesome. especially if its part of a “pro-mode” toggle


This would be very useful. Great idea!


I love this idea. The app really should provide better mechanisms for LPs to track profit. Doing math should be the job of computers not humans, they do it so much better and easily than we do. :grinning:

Ideally, it would track everything in USD, but perhaps the first version could just track it in terms of the quote token. This should be very easy to do, and wouldn’t require an oracle or any sort of USD price conversion.


I think this is a great idea as well. Some thought would have to be given around adding an removing liquidity to the pools how that would be handled but I really like the idea.

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Great idea, sure will be useful.

As it turns out, the system is already doing this behind the scenes. The /position/{position_address}/deposits endpoint of the API provides this information along with USD values. Fee claims/reward claims/withdrawals are all also available via the API with USD values. We just need the team to display the info in the UI. :smiley: