Enhancing User Experience: Proposed Product Features for a Comprehensive Financial Overview Introduction

I would like to present some product enhancement proposals designed to improve user experience of DLMM by offering a more detailed and user-friendly financial overview. These suggestions aim to address current limitations and enrich the platform’s functionality, catering to our diverse user base’s needs for more comprehensive financial analytics and portfolio management. Below is a list of the proposed features:

Proposed Features:

  1. Earnings Overview in Dollar and Percentage: Provide an option to view fees earned not only as dollar amounts but also as percentage returns over various time frames, extending beyond the conventional 24-hour window. This dual perspective would offer users a clearer understanding of their investment performance relative to time.
  2. Separate Tracking for Fees and Trading Profits: Introduce a distinction between earnings derived from fees and those from trading activities. This separation will enhance transparency and help users better understand their income sources.
  3. Standardized Coin Prices in USDC: List all coin prices in USDC to ensure a consistent valuation benchmark across the platform. This standardization would simplify the financial analysis for users by offering a common reference point.
  4. Categorization of Coins: Organize the extensive list of coins into categories based on their primary pairings, such as USDC, SOL, and others. This categorization would facilitate easier navigation and enable users to more efficiently manage their portfolios.
  5. Comprehensive Position Overview: Add a feature that provides users with a total position overview, including detailed holdings in SOL, USDC, and other coins. This comprehensive snapshot would allow for a quick assessment of portfolio distribution and asset allocation, aiding in strategic decision-making.

good proposal. View fees as a percentage amount it’s really interesting suggestion.

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On this point, see what has been proposed for DLMM, which could be integrated as a sub-part of a more global dashboard.


Thank you, Chaman. I managed to connect to the birdeye api, but not sure where to get a decent RPC ? The solona RPC is too busy. Can you point me in the right direction where I can find another more reliable one?


you should be able to find what you need here

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i think Meteora should introduce a referral feature similar to that of Marginfi or something, to possibly encourage the spreading of information and to boost Meteora’s reach and what-not. Would this be a possibly beneficial feature to implement you think? I think this would not only increase and bootstrap Meteora’s usage + adoption but also encourage those using it to spread the word, somewhat a win win for Meteora considering it could lead to more liquidity being locked on its platform

I love the idea, especially if we introduce it through a mode toggle ( eg; “pro-mode” ).