What new people should know please

It’s “probably” (not sure, just a guess) the cost of the token creation. Everything on Solana is a token. Classic nfts (not compressed ones), AMM-LP tokens, all tokens and coins (PYTH, JUP, BONK, WEN, USEDCAR, BODEN, or whatever coin), tokenised interactions with apps (like votes, on-chain profile creations, etc). If this is the case, you can check sites/tools like “sol-incinerator” and try and find the respective token created for your address.

Wait for more answers on your question and excersice caution with everything.


Thank you for your information, Jandor.

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This has been working correctly since we launched the DLMM. Are you sure you’re reading the tx correctly? If you want to open a ticket in discord and share the tx we can help you take a look at it. Note there are non-refundable costs, especially if you have to create bins.

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