Meteora Liquidity Provider Certification Program


We propose a Liquidity Provider Certification Program within the Meteora ecosystem to educate users on liquidity provision strategies, with a focus on Dynamic Liquidity Market Maker (DLMM) technology and dynamic pool management.

Levels of Certification:

  1. Basic Level - Meteorite Certification:

    • Introduction to Meteora and DeFi
    • Getting Started with Solana
    • Adding Funds to Your Wallet
    • Basic DeFi Terminology
    • Setting Up a Stable Pair LP
  2. Intermediate Level - Meteoroid Certification:

    • Market Making Concepts
    • Advanced DeFi Terminology
    • Providing Liquidity in Meteora
    • LPing in Meteora Dynamic Pools
    • LPing in DLMM Pools
    • Basic Liquidity Provision Strategies
  3. Advanced Level - Meteor Certification:

    • Creating DLMM Pools
    • Pair Creation and Management
    • Configuring Fees and Contracts
    • Advanced Liquidity Provision Strategies
    • Real-time Monitoring and Optimization


  • Provide a structured learning path for users new to DeFi and the Meteora platform.
  • Equip participants with knowledge and skills to provide liquidity effectively in dynamic DeFi environments.
  • Foster a community of skilled liquidity providers within the Meteora ecosystem.


  • Develop educational materials, including guides and video tutorials.
  • Establish certification criteria and assessment methods.
  • Host Bootcamps to present this Material.
  • Prticipate in Bootcamps as main requeriment to receive Meteora LP Certification.


  • Empower users to participate actively in DeFi and contribute to Meteora’s liquidity.
  • Enhance understanding of advanced DeFi concepts like DLMM.
  • Strengthen the Meteora community through knowledge sharing.

Next Steps:

  • Gather feedback on the program from the Meteora community.
  • Collaborate with liquidity providers and DeFi experts to refine the curriculum.
  • Launch the certification program through invites to participate in the respective Bootcamps.

We believe this program will empower users to leverage DeFi effectively and contribute to Meteora’s growth.

Thank you for considering this proposal. We welcome your feedback and collaboration.



I think a progressive curriculum like this is precisely what we want to do. Start with the basics, and move on to more advanced material. Let’s not label it as a “certification program” though. It has a connotation of exclusivity, and makes it seem as though it’s something you must do to become an expert. We want anyone and everyone to be able to LP.


Thats a very good strategy on learning Meteora Liquidity

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