Feature Suggestion: Lock % of deposited pool liquidity

Great points.

  1. A profit sharing agreement and a fee that makes sense for all parties would work for us. I’m confident that we can find something that is a win-win. With regard to profit sharing we already support this. Meteora would pass an address in for each token lock created and then when the contract unlocks, the fee share automatically goes to the referrer address.

  2. Can we get a visual sample of what the analytics would look like?

Could you rephrase this, I’m not clear which analytics you’re referring to.

  1. We will be shipping additional reward / distribution features in the coming months. An additional benefit of making this integration now is that it lays a foundation for potential further collaboration, always where it seems sensible, for the future.

Next steps:

I’m pleased to see lots of inputs and discussion since my last post - we are all contributing to the green shoots of Meteora governance. In a practical sense, I’m interested to know the best way to proceed. For example on the commercial matters above. Is there a precedent for this? Should this process all be done as part of the feature suggestion in the forum? Discord? Call with team?

Our data shows this as well and if you think about it its logical. LP token locks ultimately are about building confidence and protecting early users. Established teams who are doxxed are much less likely too rug than anon meme coin teams.


  1. Incentive Program and Bonuses:
  • Introducing incentive programs for participants who lock liquidity for an extended period, aiming to stimulate long-term engagement.

Thanks for sharing.

We are planning to ship staked locks soon - lock tokens for x period to receive y tokens. As Meteora already supports Farm rewards for LPs, if staked locks were supported users could potentially earn 2x rewards. This could be interesting for teams as they could provide rewards for LPs but much greater rewards for LPs who lock up for 6 months+ providing them with secure liquidity.

  1. Ahead of the game! :slight_smile:

  2. OP talked about analytics, maybe they weren’t talking about Streamflow itself providing it.


I think for next steps, what do you think about doing a discord call open to the community to discuss how this would work between us. We can then figure out a good plan to get this going.


Amazing proposal , Every user deserves be safe while participating .


Sounds great! We’re in. :handshake:

Great proposal indeed

Enable Locking make the whole sense for the protocol, for the reasons explained by the OP.

But not much sense for the individual user, bc of volatility and risks of the market.

So let’s not forget to keep the 0% option, otherwise, it might be a shot in ourselves foot.

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This is a good point. May be we should have a separate UI for this.

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@ben I would love to see this for DLMMs. As you’re aware, if a memecoin wants to lock, they need to provide initial capital and can’t easily launch one-sided. I think perhaps with Orca Whirlpools it may be possible to launch one-sided, and I may actually experiment with this myself on a meme coin we’ve been working on. :grinning:

Nonetheless, the ability to do this on DLMM would be fantastic. It would make it stupid easy for new memes to use DLMM to do one-sided launches and lock it to ensure traders there won’t get rugged. Allowing memecoins to launch on DLMM and lock liquidity will attract a lot of memecoin creators to the platform.

I think what’s doable is launch single-sided on DLMM, bootstrap the liquidity then take that liquidity over to our dynamic pools, lock the liquidity and keep all the fees.

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This is what I will do.

After thinking about it further, I’ll have to do something slightly different. It will be fun to see what happens. :smiley: